Sunday, December 12, 2010

advent spiral

Our four year old had her first candle-held walk through the Advent Spiral with her kindergarten class at the Waldorf school.  This a beautiful Winter ceremony symbolizing the individual receiving their Light in darkness.  
 (photo credit: whitt, flickr link here)
The spiral is fragrantly decorated with evergreen boughs, crystals, seashells, and other elements from Nature.  In the center is a wooden stump with a large candle.  Each child reverently carries an apple holding a beeswax candle through the two and a half turns of the spiral while soft lyre music plays.  In the center the child lights their candle then walks back, stopping to light a candle on the floor and placing a glass lantern over top.
(photo credit: FaerieWaldorf, etsy link here)
Caitlyn tiptoed the entire way as she solemnly carried her candle.  She looked beautiful in her new red and cream holiday dress, cream and red snowflakes tights, and long french braid.  (Of course, her behavior was less than stellar as she waited her turn, but I chalk that up to being Caitlyn.)  In true San Diego form it was an 80º evening so the only thing missing was cold weather.

I also enjoyed the dusk Lantern Walk through Presidio Park for the Michaelmas celebration in November, but there was something truly special about the Advent Spiral.  Although this will be our last year at Waldorf, I know this is a special tradition we will recreate in our home every December.

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Sue Ann said...

How beautiful. I have a friend in NY that sends her daughter to the Waldorf School..... she loves it there!! Sounds like you were talking about Hannah Anderson in your description of what she was wearing!! We have an Advent Wreath on our table that I make with clippings and pinecones ect. Last year I made a songbook and we sit at the table with the right amount of candles lit and sing......... then they get to have their treat from their Christmas Advent Calendar :)

christy compton hall said...

Yes, you sneaky dog - Hannah Andersson :) Every year in January I buy a size up at the sales, and save for the following December. I've got my eye on what I want to get her for next year :)

Tena Tahirih said...

That all sounds so lovely!