Sunday, November 10, 2013

blogger sabbatical

Ahhh.  It was a good blogger sabbatical :)  
One discovery this year off was that the fancy DSLR camera doesn't cut it when photographing 2 1/2 year old boys.  I smashed the UV filter when one dove head-first off a carved animal bench at the zoo.  
(Could this be why I'm still patching together two years worth of Project Life?)

But let's not miss this opportunity to share bits from my favorite season... fall!  This is the time in San Diego when I finally go to the beach.  The tourists are gone, you can actually find parking, and it's cool mornings & warm afternoons.  

I'm also proud of my 1st adventure on a stroller-free excursion just one parent! C (my 7 yr.old) took great pics...
Halls hangin at Crystal Pier:

Then... Halloween.  We enjoyed the SeaWorld Spooktacular, school carnivals and neighborhood trick-or-treating.  C dressed up as Frankie Stein & the boys were a pair of monsters (of course).  I snuck in a few photos of some teacher BFFs, too.

We'll be busy bees in November.  For fun, here's a look at daily holiday prep & C's extracurriculars... let the crazies begin!... :
  • Sushi Deli day out!
  • UCSD field trip (my AVID class)
  • yoga 
  • choir
  • robotics & birthday party
  • soccer game & SeaWorld Xmas celebration
  • zoo or Wild Animal Park trip
  • lacrosse
  • Girl Scouts
  • yoga; parent-teacher conferences (my students)
  • choir; ten-year anniversary of meeting M!
  • robotics & date night
  • soccer gamer; brownie troop in holiday parade
  • soccer team BBQ
  • thanksgiving prep/cleaning
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratories field trip (C & me)
  • turkey brining
  • Thanksgiving at home
  • Black Friday shopping?
  • tree decorating
  • holiday choir concert
  • lacrosse
  • Girl Scouts
  • yoga
  • choir
  • robotics & December Nights at Balboa Park
  • Lion King performance in LA
  • choir performance at Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park
The activity slows down later in December to leave time for parties, friends, Christmas books & crafting, and a family trip to the Compton cabin (up among the joshua trees in the high desert).

Come by to see what's in store :)