Thursday, February 25, 2010

affirmations, pt.II

Well, I admit, I've been in somewhat of a funk lately - life in a pressure cookerBut!  For the last 3 days I started doing my goofy affirmation again each morning ("I am so happy that only wonderful things happen to me all of the time" posted here), even though I felt like it was ridiculous since I was feeling so stressed.   I can only say that I have been having some AWESOME DAYS!  Don't get me wrong - it's not that every moment of the day has felt super-duper, fantastic at the time - but all in all, every event that's come to pass has led me to a happier place.  I'm brimming!

Here's a picture I grabbed today - I was reading on the back patio when Caitlyn yelled out, "Take my picture!"  She was all snuggled up on the ground, with an umbrella.  How could I resist.  Since she's been four, she's been a dream.  Two and three were a challenge ;)

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