Monday, November 1, 2010

alice, white rabbit & queen

Luckily the little flu that hit Friday was just that - little.  By Sunday, and trick-or-treating, we were all ready to hit the scene.  Thank goodness.  Last year she got a fever the day of Halloween, so she was totally dragging all afternoon (see the picture here) then perked up for going out that night with her friend AND both families.
This year we cleverly re-cycled the same home-made costume by dressing up the rest of the family, and going around a different block ;)
I love our adorable 'matching' tights (I have pairs of these black-striped tights in red, white, pink, purple, green - I used to love wearing them!) 

I'm also a repeat Alice offender.  I'm been her in 8th grade, senior year on the homecoming float for 'Seniors in Wonderland', my first year of teaching at age 22, for Caitlyn's babyshower, and now pregnant with the twins.

So, yes, we also brought along Tweedle-Dum & Tweedle-Dee for trick-or-treating, but they're lying low ;)  I'm 15 weeks now and greatly enjoying the ease of the second trimester.  There are subtle hints of the discomfort to come though.  Still, I'm excited to soon feel two babies jostling around in there!  In just 21 days we find out the genders - can't wait!


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