Saturday, November 7, 2009

queen of hearts

Well, we dealt with a Halloween fever for the little one. I finally finished sewing the Queen of Hearts costume that day - Caitlyn wanted it as much for the Mother Goose queen (you know, the knave stole her tarts...) as for the queen in the Alice in Wonderland books. She's growing fast (size 5) and loves dress-up clothes so I made it a little big (5/6). Pinning up the baggy bodice misaligned the checkerboard, but my perfectionism can take a rest for a moment.
Poor kid was draggin' for the first pictures, but she revved right up for trick-or-treating with her buddy, Leela. All were forewarned of her fever, but the girls could not be stopped.
All the parents dressed up and it was soooo much fun. We didn't make it far, but did grab a great shot of these two queens (snicker).

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Lindsay Estrada said...

Oh my goodness. Tooo cute! Wow, you are so impressive christy with your sewing skills. I wish I could have seen her in person. Looks like you had a fab halloween. :) - Linds