Friday, November 6, 2009

wedding + gift

Summer slipped by so fast, I didn't snap pictures of some of my favorite crafty creations. Two days before I started teaching my hard drive crashed and I lost all the teaching files and about a year's worth of photos :( That was a BIG bummer. Thanks to the blog I have some pictures intact - and new found motivation to document this & that. Today I have a gift, a card, and a lovely wedding to share.

My dear friend Java got married on 10-10. It was so moving and I teared up during one of the readings (e.e. cummings I think). Here are two shots to share:

I also took a rest from sewing for some beloved paper crafts - it's so fun to make a set of monogrammed cards and a wedding card. I love their color scheme, and there's just something wonderful about October weddings ;)

The card photos are taken at the Compton cabin, Pinecrest, in the high desert North-East of L.A. The sun was a wee bit shiny so it's hard to see the front of the 'Happily Ever After'. I like the white grosgrain ribbon on the front of the notecards - it's simple & elegant.

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