Monday, January 11, 2010

jan 11th round-up

So many people I know personally have a birthday today - all cool, strong Capricorn gals:
  1. Moriah McSharry Mcgrath - went to college with my brother (Haverford); we spent two weeks with her in Madagascar when she was a Peace Corps Volunteer and caught a partial solar eclipse the moment our plane landed on the island/continent; like a true sister to me
  2. Amy Harms - my super awesome little 'cousin' (granddaughter of my mom's cousin)
  3. Baby Leda - must be 2 or 3 today; DD of my brother & Moriah's friends, Laddy & Christine
  4. Salma D. - 7th grade student in one of my Life Science class; sweet, scarved Muslim gal
  5. Erin Relph - special ed. co-teacher in my 6th grade Earth Science class; witnessed me tripping over a rolling backpack and branding my knees by falling onto my classroom's outdoor metal walkway
  6. Me - 36 and very excited; no work today because I teach year-round school & DH is not working either so we're dropping the kiddo off at school and going to the movies

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