Thursday, October 28, 2010

it's almost here!

Here's a little pumpkin cutie card.  Looks a wee bit plain in the picture, but the spider webs are SPARKLY in real life!  I took my MS glue pen and drew over all the lines, then sprinkled on my favorite ultra-fine, multi-colored glitter.  (I started using this stuff for Burning Man costumes - a friend would pour a little pile in their palm and gently blow it all over my hair, face, and costume.  FUN!)

I tried quite a few things on the inside that I've never done!  I placed a bunch of images & words on an acrylic grid block and stamped them with Versamark ink onto colored paper, creating another sheet of designer paper.  Then I trimmed the size I needed, stitched the edges (never put sewn bits on the inside of a card), and used pop-up dimensionals for the die-cut focal point (never even used my pop-ups before).  And, I stamped a cute combo of sentiments where I would normally sign it, instead including a small written note on matching notepaper.
Yes, this is quite possibly the blurriest picture I've ever taken.  I'm sorry.  It's hard to look at, but I have nothing better.  For the treat, just 2 dark chocolate-caramel Ghirardelli squares in a medium glasseine bag.  The topper is a stampled die-cut made from from the same sheet used on the card inside.

Tonight, I'm finishing Halloween treats for our little party guests this Saturday.  Then I need to research a scary (but not too gory or disgusting) movie to watch late at night on All Hallows Eve.  I can't WAIT for all the trick-or-treating and fun!

The First Lady of Hallowe'en

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