Sunday, October 3, 2010

the most wonderful time of the year

Wow!  September has blown in and blown out and what's left is a lot of October excitement and anticipation.  Quickie-lickie, some news updates:
  • I'm pregnant with twins! (due 4/19, find out genders, etc. Thanksgiving week)
  • Our house just went on the market! (can't fit 5 people into 743 square feet)
  • I'm teaching 260 middle schoolers on a hectic 2 day cycle
  • Caitlyn started ballet lessons
  • Everyone in the house's recovering from a cold
  • Celebrated a special 5 year anniversary dinner @ Mr.A's
 And now, it's finally beloved Halloween season!!  I've been busily concocting some witchy invitations for a small gathering.  I'm also drooling over some designer papers at Studio 45 - Hallowe'en in Wonderland.  See them here.  Be still my beating heart.
27 days until the magic!


Sue Ann said...

Oh MY GOODNESS!!! Did you know twins from the beginning?? Girl ........ I am sending you some good vibes out that way!!!! No you cannot fit 5 in that amount of space and you should also think about dare I say "A grocery getter" we did break after Ava and got an Odyssey. I just make sure I alway have hip shoes and NEVER call it a Mini VAN ~~ ouch something about that word takes all your coolness away!!! Feel better pretty girl!!

Unknown said...

Oh wow! That's a lot of news!! Probably a little more than you'd like, huh?

I'm amazed that you're still able to find such cool crafty inspiration amid all that. That's some serious dedication! :)

I hope to see you guys soon!

Mary said...

Congrats on twins!!!! Take good care of yourself so all goes well.

Anika said...

How exciting, Christy! We will have to compare notes on our growing bellies! I am due on 4/14...that's 38 weeks, my hospital won't let me go past that with multiples. I go for my 12 week appt on Tuesday, I already have a little bump, but hearing heartbeats will certainly ease my mind for awhile!