Wednesday, April 27, 2011

three weeks old

In three weeks I've healed from surgery and brought the twins' weight up by nursing.  They've put on a combined 2 1/2 lbs. in 11 days (with an additional 60 oz. of milk on reserve in the freezer)!  All the pain, sweat and tears is worth it.
Dean (10 days old)

Our nurse practioner was so satisfied with their progress that we can skip the next well-baby visit, and don't need to come in again until they're eight weeks old.  That is savings, people!  Two babies is two co-pays, so that's $20 saved by breastfeeding (not to mention having no formula costs).  Plus, that 2 1/2 lbs. didn't come from nowhere - that's weight lifted off my body!  This is a win-win situation.  Exhausting, but worth it.
 James & Dean (13 days old)

Caitlyn & Dean (15 days old)

James & Dean (18 days old)

 James & Dean (21 days old)

Caitlyn & James (22 days old)

Other family fun times this spring break:
Basketball & Biking

Getting rowdy with Kaya


First haircut with mom

Caitlyn & brothers

First family walk


basquiatgirl said...

These pictures are so adorable!!! You have such a cute family!!! xoxo jennifer

Lee Anne said...

Congrats! Nursing is so worth it, I agree!

I'm Renee said...

they are so adorable!
Look how much they've changed just in a few weeks...
isn't it amazing?
Such a gorgeous family!

Sue Ann said...

I am so VERY VERY proud of you. I know that nursing is the hard way but in the long run it will be so worth it~~ GO GIRL ~~ YOU ROCK!!! The one photo of the boys where Dean has his eyes wide open and James is sleeping looking at Dean is so darn cute I cannot stand it and those frog on the PJ's ...... I totally want to kiss those babies!!! And Caitlyn looks like such a loving sister ~~ is she adjusting to twice the amount of fun :) Feel good and drink plenty of water!!! xoxoxo

Kristin said...

sigh... love baby pics :)

Katie {choc0holic} said...

Oh how cute are they!?!?! I could just snag one of of them right up and snuggle away! Great job with the nursing...I've been lucky to nurse my 4 kiddos and wouldn't have it any other way! It is so worth it and I miss it so!

Tena Tahirih said...

I'm with Katie. It IS worth it and I also miss it so! Good job, you fantastic mama! I'm so proud of you, Christy!

Amy said...

Great pics of your sweet little family! I love that first pic of Dean....what a face! I applaud you for all your hard work.....Nursing is a job and one that I didn't take with my kiddos. Keep up the great work and stay healthy for those sweeties!

Monica K. said...

They are so cute, Christy! I'm glad the twins are doing well. You have such a beautiful family! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!! :)

Dana said...

I could look at pictures of your kids forever and not get tired. They are darling.

Laura B. said...

So adorable!!