Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1-11-11 birthday roll call

Oooo - a binary birthday!  I also have someone new to add to my list of fabulous people I personally know with this birth date (see last year's post here):
  1. Moriah McSharry McGrath
  2. Amy Harms
  3. Erin Relph
  4. Salma Dahir
  5. Baby Leda
  6. myself
7. This year a dude made the list - Tony Cirrone who work at the SD Waldorf school ('This song is about a super hero named Tony. It's called Tony's Theme... To-ny!  To-ny!  To-ny!').  

Important historical figures were born on 1-11, but that can be dry so here are some 'celebrities' instead: 
Amanda Peet 
Mary J. Blige 
Naomi Judd

One more I can't resist: Albert Hofmann. January 11, 1906. Swiss scientist in the field of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). Trippy.  Makes me want to go on a bicycle ride.

And there you have it!

Today - some birthday crafting, dinner out (sorry, Tena!) and perhaps a Black Forest cake.  There's an amazing Dutch bakery two blocks from our new home - Hans and Harry's (link here).  At 7am on Christmas Eve I waited in line for over an hour to get their fresh fruit strudel.  It was awesome good.



Sue Ann said...

Well let me just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU YOUNG LADY!!! You are talking about my favorite things on your blog today ......... GERMAN BAKING!!! Curt's birthday is next week and I am making him a Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte ( if you say that to them in the bakery they will LOVE YOU!!! ) and of course I learned how to make the strudels too ........ if you lived closer I would share!!! I hope you have a fantastic day!!!

christy compton hall said...

Thank you Sue Ann!! I actually did think of you :) Hope you have fun with Curt next week - your baking sounds amazing!

jennifer ann ogren said...

Hope you have fun tonight Chris-Tea! Also, I know you love parker posey and she had a short lived series RETURN OF JEZEBEL JAMES that you can watch free on hulu.com! :o) oxox j

christy compton hall said...

Thanks for the tip Jennifer! I really appreciate what a good and thoughtful friend you are!

Dana said...

Happy LATE Birthday Christy!!!
How awesome that 1-11-11 is (was) your BD. I hope you celebrated extra special.
Oh, and Albert Hofmann is SO interesting. I wrote a paper on him in HS. LOL My teacher was not amused!