Thursday, January 27, 2011

caitlyn's cards

Caitlyn (almost 5) made her first set of cards.  The cards were apologies to two of her classmates - unfortunately, there were altercations yesterday.  The first card is for Charlie:
(lovin' that 6am, no flash kitchen lighting)
And the second card is for Zsa Zsa. (Personally, I think anyone going around with that name's askin' for it, but that's just me...)

I did nothing but supply construction paper and trim corners.  From my perch on the couch, I heard DH rummage through the craft room.  He came out with an armful of punches and punched shapes - man-style, which was fast and furious.  She worked on the inside of the cards for an hour, with DH's help.
"Make sure you don't miss my rainbow!!!"
Here's the artist - complete with bed head.  I won't include the insisted upon My Little Pony portion of the photo shoot, but that was a hoot, too.



Sue Ann said...

LOVE HER ..... bed head and all. Her creations are the best and ITA with the whole ZZ thing!!!

Laurie said...

Oh my goodness! These are the cutest cards ever! So adorable! And your little one is so sweet! Love the bed head!

Kara said...

really cute....she did a great job!! she looks so much like you!

Renee said...

She's beautiful!
And her cards are fabulous!
I think she probably had a lot of fun doing them...may tempt her again:)
But I think it's wonderful she made cards for them...even though one of their names is Zsa Zsa!