Thursday, February 3, 2011

photo challenge: work

How fun!  I discovered the Becky Higgins work photo challenge at her blog (link here).  I'm too pregnant and busy to worry about perfect photography, but I love the idea of photo journaling a day of work.  So I grabbed my camera and got to it:
Shortly before 7 a.m. I arrive at my secret gate.  The coveted key to a lock that's just steps between my truck and classroom.

And here we are, Science.  No classroom number - just SCIENCE.  A safe and happy place to learn.

The white board.  Curriculum materials.  Lab group roles with matching colored clothespins. Signs spelling 'UNIFORM' for earning free dress days.  Science inquiry posters. Lab safety expectations. Talking level posters.

Notice the lack of paper towels.

 Goggle madness.

Lab boxes (but really, this is California - I have nine lab groups).

 Chemicals a go-go.

My classroom during prep - does it look like I get a relaxing break without students?

Producing oxygen gas in an exothermic reaction. (8th grade)

 These kids are cool. (8th)

 Bubbling gases through bromothymol blue to test acidity. (8th)

Good kids, good times!  I've taught 6th grade through teacher prep, and I can definitely say I'm happy and lucky to be right where I am.



Sue Ann said...

I feel like I went to school with you today ...... how fun. I love school!! I would have been a great K-3 teacher ... I need to grow up and what better way then with a class full of kids :) I think those 6th graders are lucky to have you!!!

Renee said...

I admire your strength to work many...6th graders every day.
Having a 7th grader at the moment...
rough years!

Sara Mac said...

Christy, I really enjoyed this photo journal of your day. You must have very interesting days. Mine would be sooo boring for everyone:)

Michelle said...

These are great! You take beautiful pictures!